Google Maps & Street View Updating!

For residential subdivisions

We add roads, road names, sales offices, amenities & model homes to Google Maps

For multi-family & apartment complexes

We add interior & entry/exit roads, addresses, building numbers and adjust all map pin locations.

For recreational areas, parks and multi-use paths

We add trails, trail names and trail uses, access points and map pins to Google Maps.

Serving clients throughout the entire US

We make sure your property displays accurately on Google Maps!

The Google Maps platform is used by over 1 billion people per month!

What we do for apartment complexes

Nearly 70% of smartphone owners use Google Maps!

Before & After example of our Google Maps updating service

Google Maps Google Maps

Google Maps is nearly 6X more popular than any other mapping service!

Why Google Maps?

Google’s Street View platform contains imagery for over 7 million miles of roads!

Before & After example of Street View imagery

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About Us

At 352Maps we are completely focused on providing fast and accurate updating and/or correcting of the Google Maps & Google Street View platforms for new or existing developments. Over the past 2 years we have updated map data and/or imagery for over 700 miles of roads. Our typical mapping projects include apartment complexes, shopping centers, residential subdivisions & mixed-use developments. Today, the “online presence” of these types of properties is a crucial aspect of any marketing plan. Prospective tenants, potential buyers, residents, vendors & “Gig Economy” services all rely on the accuracy of Google Maps. Our extensive experience and our relationship with the Google Maps team allows us to provide a very useful and timely service to our clients.

352Maps has liability & workers compensation insurance policies in place and should be able to accommodate any clients’ related requirements. We can also provide references from current and past clients.

Google Maps
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Google Maps Updating Services

If you have inaccurate or missing information for your property on Google Maps, we can quickly correct it.

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Google Street View Imagery Publication Services

If you have old, out of date or completely missing Google Street View imagery, we can help.

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Verification of Location & Delivery Services

In todays “Gig Economy” being able to correctly locate your property, amenities and buildings is absolutely necessary!

352Maps is “The Expert” in updating Google Maps & Google Street View data and imagery.

Keeping the information about your property on Google’s Maps & Street View platform is a critical part of any marketing plan. Sure, you can wait for Google to update your property…someday! But when you work with 352Maps you can be sure that your property will be showing up correctly within a couple of weeks of us visiting your site.


Our Projects

Below you’ll find additional information about specific projects we’ve done. Click on the project image to view a summary of what we did for that specific project.


How often does Google update their mapping information?

Google is constantly updating and adding new information to their Google Maps platform. For most newly built shopping centers, apartment complexes and residential developments Google will typically get the roads added within a year or two of construction. Individual address locations may take longer to add, based on variables like when Street View imagery becomes available for the area, user submitted change suggestions, or what other data might be submitted by other sources that Google uses. At 352Maps we can greatly accelerate this process through our Google Maps updating services. The typical Google Maps updating project takes 352Maps about 2 weeks to complete.

How often does Google update their Street View imagery?

The first thing to consider is the fact that Google is collecting Street View imagery for the entire world! To accomplish this massive undertaking, they have a fleet of vehicles deployed around the globe that are adding new imagery every day. Our experience indicates that Google will do partial updating to larger cities and more densely populated areas once a year (and sometimes even more frequently than that). However, these updates will only cover part of the subject cities or areas. So, for larger urban areas it usually takes about 2 or 3 years for the bulk of that Street View imagery to be updated. For less populated towns and rural areas the updating schedule for Google Street View imagery varies quite significantly. A major road running through a small town or rural area might get updated once every couple of years or it may be 4 or 5 years before it gets updated again. For sidestreets in smaller towns and for most roads in very rural areas, the only imagery may as old as 2007 or there may not be any Google Street View imagery at all.In general though, Google seems to be picking up the pace of Street View imagery collection each year. At 352Maps, we specialize in the capture and publication of Street View imagery for all types of properties. We can ensure that your property is captured in a way that presents it best on the Google Street View platform.Most of our mapping projects can be completed in 2 weeks or less.

What services does provide?

352maps is the premier service provider for updating and correcting the Google Maps & Google Street View platforms. How a property is listed and positioned on Google Maps is a critical component to any marketing plan. At 352Maps we can, 1) add interior and access roads for a project, 2) verify and correct existing road locations, names and statuses (open/closed), 3) add building addresses and positions correctly on Maps, 4) verify and correct navigational / routing instructions provided by Google Maps, 5) add and/or update Google Street View imagery, 6) additionally, we can capture individual 360 images of a properties “highlight features” and publish those images to the properties Google My Business page.