352Maps is “The Expert” in updating Google Maps & Google Street View data and imagery.

Keeping the information about your property on Google’s Maps & Street View platform is a critical part of any marketing plan. Sure, you can wait for Google to update your property…someday! But when you work with 352Maps you can be sure that your property will be showing up correctly within a couple of weeks of us visiting your site.

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Google Street View Imagery Publication Services

If you have old, out of date or completely missing Google Street View imagery, we can help. With our Street View imagery updating service you can be sure that your property will be shown at its best!

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Verification of Location & Delivery Services

In todays “Gig Economy” being able to correctly locate your property, amenities and buildings is absolutely necessary! As part of our services we check online services like Uber, DoorDash&InstaCartfor accuracy and submit needed changes.