The Adley Apartments Sarasota, FL


This was one of the more complicated Google Maps updating projects we’ve encountered recently. This property had been open for almost a year but still had multiple mapping errors. The map pin for this property kept populating in a totally wrong location, there were some errors to the naming of roads in the area on Google Maps and navigational/routing services were directing potential visitors to the middle of an adjacent interstate highway. Additionally, the Google Street View imagery for the area was either missing or was over 10 years old.


Over the course of a couple of weeks we

  1. corrected the road naming errors
  2. added the entry and interior roads for the complex to Google Maps
  3. Permanently moved the main map pin to the correct location for the complex’s office
  4. added the building address numbers for each of the apartment buildings in the complex & positioned them correctly on Google Maps
  5. uploaded new Google Street View imagery for all of the interior and perimeter roads of the complex
  6. corrected the navigational routes and ending points that Google Maps was providing for the main office and all of the apartment buildings
  7. Checked the pin location and navigational directions provided by Apple Maps and submitted needed changes (we can submit changes to Apple Maps but I cannot guarantee when they will get applied)
  8. verified that Uber had the correct location for the complex
  9. collected and added eight 360 images of property highlights to complexes Google My Business page.